List of Accepted Papers (Doctoral Consortium)

Title Authors
Ontology-Driven Management of Semantic Spaces Reto Krummenacher (DERI, Innsbruck)
Cultural Adaptivity for the Semantic Web Katharina Reinecke (University of Zurich)
Probabilistic Information Integration and Retrieval in the Semantic Web Livia Predoiu (University of Mannheim)
From Texts to Structured Documents: The Case of Health Practice Guidelines Amanda Bouffier (University of Paris 13)
Ontology Mapping: A Information Retrieval and Interactive Activation Network Based Approach Ming Mao (University of Pittsburgh)
Exploiting patterns in Ontology Mapping Ondrej Svab (University of Economics, Prague)

Accepted Posters

Semi-automatic Ontology Engineering using Patterns Eva Blomqist (Jonkoping University, Sweden)
Towards Using Wikis for Collaborative and Community-Driven Ontology Engineering Katharina Siorpaes (DERI, Innsbruck)
Mutual Contextualization in Tripartite Graphs of Folksonomies Ching Man Au Yeung (University of Southampton)
Integrating Uncertainty Into Ontology Mapping Ying Wang (Queen's University, Belfast)
OWL-DL as a power tool to model negotiation mechanisms with incomplete information Azzurra Ragone (Politecnico di Bari)
Knowledge Enhanced Searching on the Web Afraz Jaffri (University of Southampton)